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Monday, May 22, 2006

Random Stuff

Here are some random thoughts that don't fit on a particular day:

Weird stuff: On sunny days, I wear a hoodie in the morning, shorts by afternoon, and a hoodie again by after supper. Layering is a good thing. On cloudy days, I am cold all day no matter what.

There is wine for sale in the grocery store next to the bread and at Target.

I can't fill my own tank up with gas. It is against the law, primarily because it was seen as discriminatory against low income people to be subjected to hazardous fumes while filling their own tanks while the middle and upper income people could choose to pay extra to have their gas pumped by someone else. But if I want my windshields clean, I have to get out of the car and do it myself while the tank fills up. Hmm.

There are no screens on half my windows here. I decide to make them myself to save money. I follow the directions exactly and have a beautiful screen but I cannot get the flippin' thing in the flippin' window without a paper thin crowbar. Next time, I make it smaller than the instructions say and I still can't get it in the window. I take it apart and cut it down two or three more times and it finally goes in. I decide I don't need any more screens for a few days.

The fan in the master bathroom sounds like a wood chipper and it has about a 400 watt lightbulb in the middle of it. To top it off, it is on the same switch as the regular, plain old light above the sink so if you need any light at all you get the fan and 400 watt bulb as well. Yah, dat's da ticket. Yust what ya need, dere. This is definitely on my list of things to fix.

The majority of the house is painted and carpeted in neutral taupe colors. The family room downstairs is celadon and the kitchen has white cabinets with taupe tile counters and light lemon yellow walls. Lemon yellow? With taupe? This is also something that will go. I also realize that all their colors are on the cool side of the spectrum, while most of my belongings are warm. Maybe because I'm from Minnesota. I will live with it - it is not too weird and it is a lot of painting, so I've decided I love it.

Bark dust. This is like wood chips, only ground to a finer pulp. Maybe they really do use the bathroom fan to chip wood. It is everywhere. Everywhere in my yard, everywhere in the neighborhood, everywhere in the city and everywhere in the house. The dog is a bark dust magnet and she has a special quality of de-polarizing as soon as she enters the house, leaving the dust on the carpet wherever she goes. If you walk on it barefoot, you get 100 tiny splinters per step. Same thing for gardening with bare hands. I found this out the hard way.


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