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Monday, November 27, 2006

29 shopping days...

Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for. A home that doesn't leak. A strong family. Beautiful surroundings. Friends with whom we shared the holiday. Days of sunshine. Raindrops that hang on the trees like crystals. And today, Snow! Here is the view of our back yard. Of course, as we are originally from Minnesota, this looks like next to nothing, but it is a big deal here. However, contrary to rumor, school is in session, much to the kid's chagrin.

William. No cramping and an increased appetite just in time for Thanksgiving dinner! His next treatment is this Friday. At that time I hope to get the go-ahead to begin reducing his steroid doses again. This is the first time he's been cramp free in ages, and we are very thankful.

Thomas. Thomas has taken to drawing lately. He has all sorts of Anime/Manga style characters that he has developed. Many of them have cyber technology built into their bodies or special suits that give them certain powers. As he talks about his characters, it is evident that they are really outgrowths of himself. Many have experienced loss of family and loved ones and are struggling to piece their lives together as a result. Many of the powers they have parallel gifts that Thomas has (x-ray vision = insight, sixth sense = empathy) . Others are in the process of finding their niche in a new world. As we talk about his characters, we talk about him and how he wants his story to turn out. It has been a wonderful, non-threatening way to process the move with him. On the outside, he appears fine - laughing, enjoying friends and family. But in the quiet moments, he is still deeply sad and experiencing the loss of all that was. We are glad he is able to use his drawing to communicate with us on this level.

Stephen. Nothing to report, I just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten about him.

Sasha. Sasha has found her true identity! Several times when I've taken her for a walk, people have stopped and asked, "Is she a flat-coated retriever?" And I would have to say, "I have no idea" because I've never heard of that breed before. Finally, this weekend I looked it up under Google images. Nearly every dog looks like it could be her! Whether or not she's a purebred, she is a great family dog and we are really enjoying her.

Slipping and Sliding. Part of the by-product of the rain is that things get slick. Like the leaves on the front lawn. And the deck. I have wiped out twice already in the last month and have the bruises to prove it (no pictures, ahem). Fortunately, the osteoporosis hasn't set in yet and I haven't broken anything. Part of the problem is that I need to re-train my brain to think wet = slippery like snow = slippery. Hopefully, I catch on before I do break something.


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