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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catching Up

Last time I wrote, Anita had just gotten home from the hospital. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of arranging 24 hour care, figuring out finances and insurance coverage, emailing and conference calling all the siblings, and so on and so on and so on. The short story is, we have found an agency that will send a caregiver to Anita's home 24 hours a day. This is a huge relief. Anita is slowly feeling better since her bout with pneumonia, but has had a couple of setbacks as well. She is trying to get strong enough to go to Florida, which is a great motivator for her.

Thomas is in our news again this week, as he made the honor roll at his school. They had a little breakfast for all the students and their parents and handed out the bumper stickers - how cool is that? I haven't put it on the car yet, though, because something inside me wants to say "Proud parent of three boys who do their very best with their gifts despite occasional great and small obstacles". Ah, well.

The Police are in my news for two reasons: Number One, they are back together for a Reunion Tour!!! Now this is DEFINITELY cool!!! Truly, this is one concert I would go see - and I can sing along with every song! Now to find affordable tickets... DA DOO DOO DOO, DA DA DA DA...

Reason number two is that I got to give my presentation to the local police as a part of their training. MOST interesting, with some good interaction between the officers and me. They had some really great questions and concerns but they also had some pretty classic stereotyping going on. My hope is that, after I've done all eight sessions over the year, we will have come to some mutual understanding.

My job is beginning to morph into my role at the transitional living facility we are opening called Safe Haven. We hope to have the first person move in next week. For me, it will mean more hours, better pay, my own clients, and working very close to home. It will also mean fewer outreach hours and time with my co-worker in that area, which I will sorely miss. We have gotten to know each other quickly through all our hours in the car and have enjoyed a lot of laughter as well as clinical discussion regarding the various ins and outs of our clients personae.

One interesting thing about working at Safe Haven is how another piece of my puzzle is being put into place. Oftentimes with me, I will have a definite sense of peace about a path to take or a decision I need to make but have no idea why. When I was in school for my Masters, my first Field Placement at the Interprofessional Center (IPC) was one that I did not really choose. (It was not available when we put in our applications and all of my choices did not work out.) When I was informed that I could either begin the application process again or take the position at the IPC working with asylum seekers, I jumped at the chance both professionally and personally, since I love working with the immigrant population and hate the application process. And I kept thinking, "Hmm. This is not what I would have chosen. What is God up to? Hmm..." That was the first year of the IPC's existence, which was an experience in and of itself - brand new concept, brand new program - everything. It is through this program that I also got my exposure to youth work. I'm still hooked on that, which I do now through HomePlate. And now, here I am beginning again in a brand new program that utilizes a brand new concept with only a few models to follow. Hmm.

Stephen would want to say, "Gong Hay Fat Choy!!!" or, "Happy New Year" in Chinese. It is the year of the Pig, very auspicious. We celebrated by making Chinese food - steamed buns with barbecue pork, noodle soup, Pocky and Koala cookies - and watching a Jackie Chan movie. Next year, we would like to go to the Chinese Garden here and see the dragon dance.

Paul is in travel mode right now. He had the opportunity to go to Minneapolis last week for business, then spent the weekend with his mom. Now he is in D.C. at the Ritz Carlton "special business rate, that's how we got to stay here" and a daily food budget that could feed our entire family and more. Okay, yeah, I'm a little jealous. My bed sags in the middle. I used the lint remover roller to get rid of dog hair that mysteriously appeared on my pillow, up my nose, and in my mouth. We ate at Burgerville last night and thought that was really cool. Woo. Two of the kids developed low-grade fevers and stayed home from school. I juggle working and parenting by phone. BUT, I also painted the dining room and caught up on my blogging. Really, I don't know which of us is having more fun!


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congrats Thomas!
I miss you guys! I know i say this every time but its still true :P

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