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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Random note about food

I went to a conference last week with a number of co-workers from my agency. We were supposed to be on our own for our meal, so when the time came to decide where to eat, I was curious to see what we would end up with.

When we came out here with Paul's company in December to scout out the area, Paul ended up feeling sick, so I was on my own with all his co-workers. When it came time to decide where to eat, I said, "Well, if anyone is going ethnic or spicy, count me in on that group." There was no ethnic or spicy cohort, so we went for Italian instead. Good food and company, but not ethnic or spicy. Sigh. The next day, everyone wanted pizza, which is like torture to me because we have pizza every Friday at home. Fortunately, there was a Russian deli next door to the pizza place and I was able to get some pierogis (sp?). Yea!

So I was holding my breath when it was time to pick a place to eat with my co-workers. The conversation went something like this: Where should we eat? I don't care, just not fast food. Exactly. No fast food, and certainly not McDonald's. Yep, and the more vegetables, the better. Well, I know of a Mongolian grill not too far from here. Ooo, Mongolian is good - let's try that. So off we went to find the restaurant. It couldn't be found, so we also considered Japanese (they were closed) and ended up at an authentic Mexican restaurant. On the way, we talked about our different food experiences - chicken legs, fish eyeballs, 100 year eggs, Turkish food. I just had to laugh - you know I'm happy when the discussion is about whether or not chicken legs and fish eyeballs are good eating. :)


Blogger ~Noriel said...

its snowing again here :( we were all excited- we thought it was ACTUALLY spring. stupid minnesota.
ps. 100 year old eggs should be rotten by now

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