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Friday, June 20, 2008

The garden

This is year three for the garden, so it finally feels like it is coming together. This morning I ate breakfast on the deck before the kids got up. It was amazingly peaceful... A dragonfly is resting on the tip of the lilac bush. The rain has stopped now, so seeing a dragonfly reminds me of the desert in New Mexico where I learned that they are a symbol for water and therefore life. I smile. My garden is a place of life. I look over at the hummingbird feeder and wonder if the hummingbirds have found it yet. Below it, I notice a spider web hung in the middle of the path, perfect and glittering in the sun. Must have made it last night - I just walked by there yesterday. Good place, too, because the hummingbird feeder drips and there will be bugs attracted to the nectar. I guess the garden is a place of life and death, then. Hmm. I hear squirrels chittering in a neighbor's tree - there must be a nest there, because they are going crazy. When they quiet down, I hear songbirds. I still don't recognize their song, but they are familiar nonetheless. I notice there is enough sun in one spot to put another zinnia. Yea! I love zinnias. I see another spot where I can move a coralbell. That will be better than where it is now. A hummingbird arrives, flits around, and finds the feeder. Cool! They have found it. A few minutes later, another one arrives, zipping over my shoulder and visiting the bouganvillea (another favorite of mine), the dianthus, and the pansies (all red or deep pink). I think I should plant some more pink. And maybe some sunflowers for the jays and some coreopsis for the finches. Time to go, but I am utterly at peace and ready to see what the day has in store.


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Sounds idyllic - but no pix? We want garden pix!

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