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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Transitions II

Okay, so I'm transitioning into this new position at work. Let's just say that the learning curve is pretty steep at this point. Example: I open my email yesterday at 3:00. It practically fills up the page (not normal) and only half of the headings make any sense whatsoever. I have three marked "urgent" that I don't even know who to call to find out what they are about or who asked them to be sent to me. I have created folders to file emails in so that I can review them later when it all starts to come together, but I don't even know where these emails should be filed. Maybe I will create a new file: Clueless, Day 1.


Blogger jp said...

Start signing everything CH, and it will be our little secret that it means "Clueless Healer".

For the record, I love the CH, and I think she'll have a handle on things pretty quick.

She's pretty smart for a CH.

9:28 PM  

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