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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It has been some time since I last blogged - October, according to my records. I think the main barrier has been that the kids had homework, so they needed the computer, then when they were done, they would want to chill in front of the t.v. (in the same room as the computer) and I can't stand the noise. So fine, be that way. I decided to get my own computer. I am totally thrilled about this, because I've been having to go in to work from time to time to finish up paperwork, but when I walk in the door people see me and want to talk. My co-workers are the worst - "Sorry, I know you're here to do paperwork, but I just wanted to ask you one question about ..." Dah! So one hour of paperwork turns into 2 hours of baloney and I end up really frustrated. This way, I log in from home, do my thing, log out and I'm all good. Much better!

The big news today is the phone call at 8 a.m. from my sister. On a Sunday, so I figured something was up. She starts with, "I'm just calling with an update. Everyone is fine." Okay, so then what is going on? I'm figuring there is drama between her and her husband or something. Then she starts to fall apart - I can hear it in her voice - and she says that Dad is in the hospital and it looks like he may have had a mild heart attack. It sounds like they went for a bike ride yesterday and he didn't feel well afterward. So he rested and had some water and went home. The pain didn't subside, but he went to bed (cool - in hindsight, I am screaming HOLY CRAP! He's waiting to go to the hospital with CHEST PAIN!) He said he felt fine all night - got up a couple of times to go to the bathroom and was okay, but only felt okay for about 15 minutes once he got up in the morning. So he calls Talley (again, brilliant - why are we not calling 911?) and tells her she should probably come and bring him to the hospital. So she does. And my mom went to church.

They get Dad into a room right away and give him a nitro, which makes his blood pressure drop dangerously low. "The nurse didn't like that too much" he says. I bet. They run an EKG. The doctor comes in and reads it, which indicates that nitro is the worst thing for him and they put him on beta blockers instead. He immediately feels relief.

Nearly four hours pass and I haven't heard anything from anyone. The last I know was right after Dad tanked with the nitro and Mom is walking to church. I start getting antsy and try to call Talley. She's in the dead zone at the hospital, but I try anyway. Then I call Mom and Dad's house. No answer. Is she safe to walk to church? I figure she's probably walked to Chanhassen by now. I call the hospital and they tell me Dad has been admitted and they give me a room number. I relax a bit and decide to wait because I know they'll call when they can. Five minutes later, Talley calls and says that Mom is at the hospital with Dad and she's gone home for a break.

It sounds like the Dr. is asking the right questions. He identifies sleep problems and decides to monitor his sleep tonight. He listens to our concerns regarding his unregulated blood pressure meds. He says they will do an angiogram when the time is right. I talk to Dad and he says he's feeling "Pretty good." I lay into him: So help me, you need to be straight-up about your pain level because you MINIMIZE and that's going to get you into trouble. Understand? "I'm trying to be good," he says. And I think of all the times he yelled at me when he was actually terrified and I want to laugh. "Thank you, Dad," I say. "I love you," he says. Somehow it means more today. "I love you too. I'll call again later."

I call later and Dad has perked up. He tells me his side of the story. It sounds like he didn't go in any sooner because he kept thinking it was his blood pressure meds being all wacky. Still. Geez. It sounds like they took him off his beta blockers about a week ago and it could be that that was what triggered the attack. He mentions that he feels pretty anxious. I'm just glad he's there and getting it addressed. The alternative to not being there is grim.

Later, like right this minute, I realize that no one else knows. What about his sister? What about my cousin? What about the neighbors? Did anyone call? Do I call? Hmm. I'll have to think about it. Meanwhile, I'm thankful to have a father on father's day.


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