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Saturday, June 25, 2011

on being unique

We were sitting at the dinner table the other day with two of Thomas' friends, which is a relatively common occurrence. We had two containers of Ranch dressing on the table, one nearly empty and the other brand new. Stephen reached for something and knocked over the nearly empty container. I looked at him, stared him down, and knocked over the full one. Game on. Stephen cocked his head at me, raised an eyebrow, stared me down, and grabbed his dressing container. I grabbed mine and we began a duel. This seemed unwise at the dinner table, so we moved to the living room, jabbing, slicing, and disarming one another. After three rounds of raucous parrying, we ended our duel, sat down and continued with dinner.

One of Thomas' friends looked at the other one and said, "This never happens anywhere else in the whole entire world." The other one casually agreed, saying, "Nope, and that's what makes this place so cool."


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Pure awesomeness.

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