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Monday, July 10, 2006

More Updates

William: William has continued to feel better this week and has stopped losing weight. An appointment with the specialist opened up on Thursday, so we snatched that up right away. The preliminary diagnosis is Crohn's disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. It is a lifelong disorder treatable with medication. In order to confirm that this is indeed what we are up against, and therefore how we will treat it, William will undergo an endoscopy and colonoscopy next week. Prep for these procedures is actually worse than the procedures themselves, from what we hear. He will be required to stay on a clear liquid diet for a day and a half before he goes in. He is not at all pleased about this prospect and tells me he is sick and tired of being a "lab rat". I don't blame him.

Henry: Henry is the name I have given to the MINI Cooper I designed for myself online. Version 1: The paint color I had chosen for Henry no longer exists, so until they bring that color back, I am holding out for the perfect MINI. Version 2: My stinking husband won't buy me everything I want and made me choose between finishing the kitchen and getting Henry. Version 3: Because we need a car TODAY, AND I was unable to get the perfect MINI at this time, AND even if I could get the perfect MINI it would take a few months to get here, AND the kitchen is way up there on the priority list (I currently have three Target "Organize It" shelves for my mixing bowls, crock pot and so on, a bookcase which acts as my pantry, my fine china in the linen closet, paper plates in the garage, and a fold-out table for counterspace), we rationally decided that we should get a reasonable car for now, finish the kitchen, and put Henry on hold. (Sob.)

Lola: Lola is the name I have given to the car we got (as in Run, Lola, Run!). She is a five speed, 2002 Chevrolet Prizm (thank you for the recommendation, Kristen!) with 35,000 miles on it. She was owned by a gentleman that sounded like George Kelley over the phone and called me "Sweetie" when we hung up. (I had talked to the owner of another car as well. This guy sounded like I had interrupted him from his favorite t.v. show, his babe, and his ice cold beer. I would have smacked him if he had called me sweetie.) Lola runs well, was loved by her previous owner, and has a great sound system. I am bracing myself for the process of getting the title in my name. Another trip to the DMV!

Talley: Talley is my sister, who came for a visit with her family (husband Mircea, son Teddy and Mircea's daughter Erika) last Thursday through Saturday. It was really good see all of them, as we genuinely love each of them. We took the MAX to the zoo on Thursday, went to the beach for the day on Friday, Erika and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean Friday night, and we took a walk in a beautiful park near our home on Saturday before they left. There is more to say about this visit, but I will need to create another blog for that...

Deck: This is what I want to do to the guy who is supposed to be re-building the deck off our Master bedroom. Unfortunately, I don't think it would help much, and I would be the one that got hurt. Plus I really like the guy and when he is here, he does good work. (This guy is maybe three inches taller than I am, but three times as heavy. His calves are the size of my thighs and, while he is big, he is solid. It would be like trying to deck a refrigerater full of cement blocks. Well, a wheezing refrigerator. Maybe if I could get him to run after me I could beat him...)

He says he will be here on a certain day to work and then he never shows up. Then one day he did show up, got the footings and the frame done, said he'd be back in a week and I never saw him again. That was two, maybe three weeks ago. Then we got a letter from our insurance company saying that they will be terminating our insurance next Tuesday because we have a deck with no railing. So I call him and tell him that while deadlines hadn't been important before, they are suddenly very important, and could we arrange a day for him to come and finish it up? He said sure, I'll be there next Monday. That was last week and he never showed. I called the insurance company to ask for an extension, which, with some proof like a photo of what has been done and a copy of the proposal, they will consider. He just called this morning and said he will be here tomorrow to finish it up. We'll see.

Jill: Jill is Paul's sister, who is coming tonight with her family for a week-long visit. We have a ton of things planned and are looking forward to our time together. Bring it on!


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