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Saturday, March 24, 2007


For a change, this entry will be all about Paul. Otherwise known as Skip, if you have any connection to New Ulm, Radke's, Schluter's, and maybe Gustavus.

Yesterday, Paul went to work as usual and went about his day. At about 10 a.m., he was going in to a meeting when his boss said it could wait, and that he needed to come with her to meet with someone else. Now, things have been changing a lot at his office, and being called away from your regular routine means something is up, big time. So Paul lost all the spit in his mouth and his pupils dilated, and it was all he could do not to panic, like any normal person would do at a time like this. His boss saw the classic signs of terror, and comforted him by saying, "It's okay, it's a good thing. Don't worry." Now, if this had been Paul saying, "Don't worry, everything is fine," no one would listen, because he tends to minimize emergencies. But his boss is trustworthy in this regard and he was able to function well enough to follow her to the meeting.

The intricacies of the meeting you will have to get from Paul, since I glazed over about five minutes into his explanation of what happened. The gist was this: he is getting a BIG promotion, more responsibility, more management opportunity, and, *gasp*, a salary increase to match. I think he went into shock after that, and was probably good for $0.00 per hour for the remainder of the day, although he did say he had one or two really good ideas that he was able to articulate. Their bad for telling him so early in the day. He has the weekend to recover and should be functional again by Monday.

So, KUDOS to Paul! We are proud of you!!!


Blogger ~Noriel said...

WOOT! thats really cool! good job shorty!
<3 Tall-y (not tally, tall-y or bethany if you prefer :P)

4:40 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Exciting news! Glad to hear that Paul is getting the respect he richly deserves, even though we never gave him anything of the sort back in Bloomington, at least publicly.


9:24 AM  

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