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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Moon Phase? Stephen. Collision

Two weeks ago was absolute chaos. Paul was in Vegas for work at the Caesar's Palace in an upgraded room with a jacuzzi that he never used. Here, the kids all got sick and stayed home from school while I ran back and forth from work managing them and doing my job at the same time. To top it off, two of the people on my caseload went into crisis mode and stayed that way the entire week while a third silently stewed, frustrated because his paperwork was being pushed to the back burner continuously. Unreal. I swear it was the moon phase, or the sunspot activity, or something because EVERYTHING went crazy.

Stephen was in a community production of Alice in Wonderland. When he introduced himself to the group at the beginning of practices, he said, "My name is Stephen and I like to play video games because THEY ROT YOUR BRAIN!" After that, he was given a couple roles where his personality could shine - the walrus and the Ace card. He had a blast, and got some good laughs for his comical performance. Now Thomas wants to be in a play as well, so we will see about signing them up for the next go-round.

I was in a fender bender yesterday - ironically, right in front of "Dave's Collision Center". Hmm, I wonder if they set up a collision vortex there? Anyway, no one was hurt. I was in the left lane of a one-way street when the woman in front of me in the right lane decided to take a left turn. She was thinking it was a two-way street, so didn't expect me to be there. I was ALMOST able to stop in time, but we made contact, so we had to call the police and go through the hassle of calling insurance companies, etc. The girl that made the turn was about 20, and was shaking and crying, so I ended up coaching her through the process - "Okay, it's going to be fine, but here's what we need to do..." Strange element of the surreal about it.

Another funny note about that event was this: these two guys stopped in the parking lot where we were filling out paperwork with the police. One of them came over and asked one of the officers a question. Then they went into a bank, did their business and came back out. As they were backing out of their parking place, the officer's back was to them. The guy was about halfway out of his parking spot, then suddenly remembered that he didn't have on his seat belt and there he was right in front of the police! He got the funniest guilty look on his face, quickly buckled himself in, then noticed that I had seen the whole thing. I just grinned at him and he grinned back, then left.

The kids have two more weeks of school. That just seems like a really long time. The pool in our neighborhood opens next week, which is none too soon. Too bad it will be cool again next week - it has been in the upper 80's lately. I put up a 10 x 10 gazebo on our deck in the back yard - a very happy, shady place. I will post a picture later when the flowers are all in bloom.


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